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Closed Captioning Procedures

Closed Captioning
Have you ever watched a newscast with closed captioning?

Closed-captioning technology has been available on every television since 1993. KVUE was among the first in the country to provide the service. The station provides the very same scripts read by the news anchors via closed captioning. Austin Independent School District and Baylor Scott & White and KVUE in partnership make this service available to the deaf and hard of hearing community.

As the anchor reads the prepared news story, an electronic version of the script is encoded into the signal KVUE broadcasts. The script contains every word of the written story, including comments made by those interviewed. Each KVUE weather forecast has prepared scripts to allow captioning to contain the same information the meteorologist speaks out loud.

Of course, ad-lib comments and live on-the-scene reports are not pre-scripted, and will not be accurately captioned inside the newscast. Instances where accurate transcripts are not available will be noted in the captioning.

The lag time between what is said to when it appears on screen is about a second and half.

KVUE is committed to providing "live" closed captioning during emergency situations in order to keep our viewers informed.

In Texas, one in nine people has hearing disabilities.

Have questions about closed captioning on KVUE? CONTACT US:

Telephone number: 512-459-6521.

Fax number: 512-533-2215.

Mailing Address: 3201 Steck Ave., Austin, Texas 78757

E-mail: captioning@kvue.com

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